W&A aims to help clients overcome immediate challenges and provide subject matter expertise that is required to plan and execute new initiatives.  W&A oversee, review, and facilitate coordination of project reporting and the monitoring of government and commercial contracts. Our institutional knowledge combined with our technical abilities brings about the best solution for the challenges we face.

W&A is committed to on-time, on-budget delivery of project requirements without having to redefine success. This commitment is aided by our ability to correctly determine resources needed to complete the effort, properly deconstruct high level requirements down to actionable and functional requirements and manage risks before they become issues.

We strengthen our bandwidth and capabilities by integrating our services with strategic partners. Enhancing our ability to bring the expertise and specific skills necessary to deliver a comprehensive, low risk solution to our customers. These highly qualified firms specialize in document translation, interpretation, multilingual desktop publishing, multi-media services in multiple languages. W&A’s customer approach ensures our entire team is collectively working toward the mutual goal to bring value to our customers.


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